Japanese Knotweed Guidance for Estate Agents and other Intermediaries

Japanese Knotweed Guidance for Estate Agents and other intermediaries

We offer Japanese knotweed guidance for Estate Agents and other Intermediaries as, when identified and treated early, there is no reason why Japanese knotweed should interfere with a property sale or your development plans.

Our aim is to make sure that the company we are acting for is shown in an excellent light to the client who has the Japanese Knotweed on their site. To achieve this we act in a professional, honest, and efficient manner. We always aim to conduct site surveys within 5 working days with full reports and quotes being completed within 7 days of being appointed. We communicate freely with the intermediary and the end client to make sure that, when the quote is accepted, the work can be booked in and carried out as quickly as possible with no inconvenience for the client.

If you have a client who is struggling to sell or let a property with Japanese knotweed present, it is important to have a Japanese Knotweed Site Survey and a Japanese Knotweed Management Plan in place in order to be approved for a mortgage. You will also need all of this information if you do decide to sell or re-mortgage the property as the lender will request it.  To do this we have to fulfil the criteria laid out by RICs, the Property Care Association and Mortgage lenders and guarantee our work for 10 years or provide an Insurance Backed Guarantee.

If, as a developer, you are under time constraints as to when building work must begin we can carry out an excavation of the Japanese knotweed which ordinarily makes for a complete and time effective removal of the Japanese knotweed from your site. Upon completion, we will also provide developers with a site survey which will state that the site is no longer at risk.

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We deal with a number of different intermediaries including estate/letting agents, solicitors, surveyors, architects and property management companies such as Prosurv. If you need any Japanese Knotweed guidance or help assisting a client with a case of Japanese knotweed, please get in touch for more information.

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