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What To Expect Next?

Think you have Japanese knotweed but not sure what happens next?

Don’t prolong your worry. Provide us with a photo of the suspicious weed and we will identify it via email for you.

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Our reports are always included with your site survey at no additional cost.

Following your site survey, we will complete a Japanese knotweed management plan tailored specifically to your garden or site. 

There are usually 4 main treatment or removal options when dealing with Japanese knotweed. 

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Residential Treatment Options.

Commercial Treatment Options

If you choose Japanese Knotweed Expert to proceed with your treatments. We will deduct your site survey cost off the total amount.

Site Surveys & Reports

To give an accurate quote for the eradication of Japanese knotweed or any invasive weed a site assessment is required.


Our surveyor will visit the property and walk the entire site, checking boundaries and where possible, adjacent land. 

Included In The Site Survey Report

A site plan including photos of infected areas

Management Plan

Risk assessments including biological, health & safety and financial.

Inspection of the surrounding areas

Possible impacts to future treatments

Recommended treatment options

Quote outlining treatment costs

Potential immediate risks to property or the environment

The cost for a Site Survey & Report starts at £312.00. Once your site survey has been completed, your full report including management plan will be sent within 48 hours. 

Management Plans

Following the completion of a site survey, we will put together a Japanese knotweed management plan. This plan will be specifically tailored to needs of your site, or garden. 

Included In The Management Plan

The objectives of the management

An evaluation of control options

A detailed description of the control actions to be taken

An assessment of the risks associated with any control actions

A description of how the success of the control action will be evaluated

Advice on how to prevent additional Japanese knotweed on site

A treatment schedule

A full breakdown of all costs associated with the control action

Report provided within 48 hours

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