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The TA6 Form (property information form)

The TA6 from is a report that is completed by the seller of a house, with information regarding the property that is given to the buyer. Not completing this form truthfully or correctly can results in legal ramifications. For example, Japanese Knotweed Expert has assisted in a case where the seller did not declare the presence of Japanese knotweed on the property. This resulted in a claim to the value of £32,000 being brought against them. When it comes to Japanese knotweed, the TA6 form is now more important than ever. 

Japanese Knotweed TA6 Form

What does this mean ?

Whether you are the buyer or the seller, it is crucial that you not only understand the importance of the TA6 form, but that you are also up to date with any changes. As of February 2020, the TA6  guidance notes for section 7.8 relating to Japanese knotweed was amended. The new guidance by the Law Society, in response to recommendations from The House of Commons Select Committee on Japanese knotweed, now states: “The seller should state whether the property is affected by Japanese knotweed. If you are unsure that Japanese knotweed exists above or below ground, or whether it has previously been managed on the property, please indicate this as ‘not known.'” The guidance then goes on to state very importantly, “If ‘No’ is chosen as the answer, the seller must be certain that no rhizome (root) is present in the ground of the property, or within three metres of the property boundary, even if there are no visible signs above ground.”

What does this mean for home buyers?

If the seller has ticked ‘Not Known‘ on the TA6 form, we would strongly recommend that you insist for, or organise a Japanese knotweed survey for the property. The reason for this, is that by choosing ‘Not Known’ they could be passing liability from themselves to yourself, as the purchaser. This would mean that if Japanese knotweed started growing the following year, you would be responsible for the treatment or excavation costs. Typically, these costs range from £2000 to £5000 for a 3 year herbicidal management plan. Or on average £20,000 for excavation of Japanese knotweed on a residential site, however, these costs may vary dependant on individual factors. 

This is certainly not a cost that you would want to bear if you had just purchased your dream home!

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What does this mean if you are selling your house?

If you tick ‘No’ your property is not affected by Japanese knotweed, and there is Japanese knotweed present, you may be issued with litigation costs that can be over £30,000. The safest option by far is to book a survey to ensure you bear no liability. If the survey states that there is no Japanese knotweed within the garden or within three metres of the boundary. You can then confidently tick ‘No’ the property is not affected by Japanese knotweed, ensuring a smoother sale of the property. 

Ensuring that you complete the TA6 form correctly in relation to Japanese knotweed is crucial to avoid the potential risk of being sued in the future. 

Should i organise a
site survey?

Yes. If you suspect that there could be Japanese knotweed on your property, or on a property that you are looking to purchase. It is imperative that you organise a site survey.

When completing your survey, Japanese Knotweed Expert will not only identify the presence of Japanese knotweed but also outline: the area of growth, root zone area, the source of origination, as well as a quote for the eradication works and recommendation for the best treatment options moving forward. Your report will always be included with our Japanese knotweed site surveys.

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