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Treatment Options

Herbicidal Knotweed Treatment

Herbicidal Treatments

The most common and preferred treatment method is a herbicide treatment. 


The best time for Japanese knotweed to be sprayed is when the plant is actively growing.

Knotweed Excavation

Excavation & Removal

Japanese knotweed excavation and removal usually occurs when there is not enough time to treat it with herbicide


Under these circumstances, excavation and removal is the ideal solution.

Excavation of Japanese Knotweed for NRS

Alternative Treatments

Additional methods of treatment can be used as combined treatment methods for Japanese Knotweed removal, to ensure complete eradication.


Such as: cultivation, burning, temporary bund etc.

Do You Think That You Have On Your Property?

Japanese Knotweed Site Survey & Report

A Japanese knotweed site survey and report will correctly identify any suspicious weeds on site and assess whether they are a risk to the property. If you are purchasing a property, your lender may require a site survey and management plan, if Japanese knotweed is suspected to be present on the site.



Our Site Survey includes:

  • Site Location
  • Details of the client
  • A description of the site and surrounding area
  • A record of the plant location including a map
  • An outline of any development plans and past control work
  • A risk assessment as per the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)
  • Recommendations

Our site survey and reports start from £312.00 dependent on the size and location of the stand. All reports will be provided within 48 hours of the site visit, and will include your Japanese Knotweed Management Plan which will outline how we would eradicate the invasive weed and how much this would cost.

Photo of Japanese Knotweed
Japanese Knotweed Treatment

Japanese Knotweed Management Plan

Our Japanese Knotweed Management plans include detailed explanations of the different treatment methods that we can provide and state the most suitable treatment method for your individual case of Japanese Knotweed. 


This takes into account the individual site, clients preferences and cost implications.

Our Management Plans include:

  • The objective of control action
  • An evaluation of control options
  • A detailed control action description
  • Criteria for completion
  • Advice on preventing spread around/off/on site.
  • Any costs involved in the eradication of the invasive weed.

All of the management plans we provide include a 10 Year Company Guarantee and a 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee, if required.

Report provided within 48 hours

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