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Contamination Prevention

Alongside our remedial work, we also help prevent the spread of Japanese knotweed on development sites. Japanese knotweed is becoming increasingly prevalent across the country.


Development sites are a known cause of spread, due to contaminated soil being taken to different locations. This not only spreads the rhizomes in different areas but also contaminates the machinery carrying the soil. If left untreated, Japanese knotweed will quickly colonise large areas, growing up to 10cm per day in the peak growing season.


Furthermore, allowing the spread of Japanese knotweed is considered as illegal, with any soil containing the weed being classed as contaminated waste. Therefore, it is important that the correct procedures are carried out when dealing with Japanese knotweed, to avoid any major legal implications to your company.


We would always recommend  industrial machinery cleaning. This will provide you with a detailed report, outlining the measures used to decontaminate the machinery. This method could include the power washing of the machinery by one of our professionals, enabling you to continue with development work without any risk of legal prosecution.

Knotweed Removal

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