No-Knotweed Report

What Is A No-Knotweed Report?

A no-knotweed report is a legal document that states that a property is not infected with Japanese knotweed.


What does a No-Knotweed report include?

A no-knotweed report is written by a qualified surveyor in line with the RICS guidelines.

The report states that a site visit has been carried out on the property and no Japanese knotweed has been found. Your report will also include:

  • Photographic Evidence
  • A detailed list of weeds present on the property with photo attachments.
  • A guarantee that all external areas up to 7m surrounding the property are not infected with Japanese knotweed.


Why do I need a No-Knotweed report?

  • It is crucial if your property has been identified as possibly containing Japanese knotweed.
  • A report will assist in the sale of a property that has other invasive weeds that are similar or look similar to Japanese knotweed that have been identified by a surveyor.
  • A no-knotweed report is able to be used as evidence in legal disputes.
  • The majority of mortgage lenders will not lend to a property that has Japanese knotweed due to the decrease in value it can cause. A no-knotweed report can help speed up your mortgage process.


If you’re having trouble completing your TA6 Form find more information here, alternatively follow the link to organise a site visit with our surveyor.