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Japanese Knotweed Could Land You A Prison Sentence

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As if finding out you have Japanese Knotweed in your garden isn’t enough bad news, did you know that failure to take the steps to eradicate it can result in a £2,000 fine or even a 2 year prison sentence?

We have found an interesting article, posted by the Coventry Telegraph online, warning people about the rise of Japanese Knotweed and how this can effect you:

‘“If you can see any kind of plant growing on your property it’s worth identifying what it is, and if it turns out to be Japanese Knotweed, then take steps to eradicate it.

“If it is coming from the direction of a neighbour then speak with them about it, and if they don’t tackle the problem then it’s worth considering action.

“This may sound over the top to some, but taking action to protect your biggest asset is the most sensible option.”’

Japanese Knotweed can devalue a property by up to 50% and in some cases has prevented a property from selling at all!

We would urge anyone with Japanese Knotweed to get in touch for any advice and to not tackle the problem yourself – DIY eradication will not kill the plant – and is also illegal!

Our contact number is 0800 1337 444, or you can email

If you would like to view the full article posted by the Coventry Telegraph, please click here.