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Suspected Japanese Knotweed in Birmingham

Japanese Knotweed Removal
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Japanese Knotweed in Birmingham

Cornus Mistaken for Japanese Knotweed in BirminghamWe were requested to survey a site for Japanese Knotweed in Birmingham. The client was sure he had Japanese Knotweed not only growing in his garden but in the adjacent garden. Once we arrived at the address in Birmingham we surveyed the site for Japanese Knotweed. This included looking over all the boundary fences to see if any is growing on the surrounding properties. This is in line with the RICs guidelines which we abide to very closely. It is also considered a private nuisance if you allow Japanese Knotweed to encroach onto neighbouring land. Therefore the client was correct to call us as soon as they suspected they had knotweed on their property.

On this particular occasion the client had mistaken common Dogwood (Cornus alba) as the dreaded Japanese Knotweed. This is quite a common mistake due to Dogwood having creamy white flowers, commonly seen on Japanese Knotweed in late summer. Even surveyors have misidentified some very similar looking plants as Japanese Knotweed, therefore we recommend looking at our Japanese Knotweed identification page. Another plant very often misidentified as Japanese Knotweed is Common Dock (Rumex obtusifollus). When Common Dock flowers, it also looks very similar to the flowers of Japanese Knotweed. The client was also very aware that there is a lot of outbreaks of Japanese Knotweed in Birmingham. These outbreaks are very common on brown field sites where Japanese Knotweed has been dumped or fly-tipped.Japanese Knotweed in Birmingham

Luckily, this client did not have a case of Japanese Knotweed in their garden, but as part of the site survey our client received a full detailed report identifying the plant. This can then be kept for the clients own personal records or used to help facilitate a loan from a mortgage lender. This is due to our reports being written to RICs and PCA standards so we can prove there was no Japanese Knotweed on site.

If you think you may have Japanese Knotweed in Birmingham, give us on call today! To keep up to date with the latest news about Japanese Knotweed, follow us on Facebook.