Japanese Knotweed in Bath

On the 20th July 2017, Bath was reported to be one of the worst Japanese Knotweed affected areas across the south west region due to the warm weather causing the rapid growth of the weed by around 10cm per day, with Bristol, Plymouth and Falmouth also affected. This rapid growth was stated to be “the scourge of British Homeowners” as the fear of the invasive weed and its destructive properties hinders sales by dropping house values and discouraging potential buyers.

Awareness of the invasive weed is calculated to be particularly high in areas such as in the South of England where 80% of the population are said to be aware, giving them the best possible chance to eradicate the weed in being able to identify it and call in professional help. This weed must only be handled by a Japanese Knotweed Expert, as ignorance of the weed and its effects can become the cause of it spreading to other areas. The majority of our projects involve the spraying of a translocating herbicide that is 300 times stronger than available to the public. This will give direct application to the internal and external part of the stem and leaves, which ensures that the weed is efficiently eradicated whilst also eradicating the stress and worry for yourself.

If you do have a Japanese Knotweed problem in Bath, the most effective method of treatment would be to call our professional team on 0800 1337 444, where we can give all the help and advice needed.