Selling a house with Japanese knotweed.

Trying to sell your house can be complicated and stressful. But what if your surveyor concludes that Japanese knotweed is growing in your garden? You are then faced with a whole world of problems that you probably hadn’t anticipated; the biggest being that potential buyers may argue your house has depreciated in value because of the growth, meaning you could […]

Japanese Knotweed Excavation Derbyshire

Japanese Knotweed Excavation Derbyshire This week we’ve been in Derbyshire, supervising the excavation of Japanese knotweed. This stand of Japanese knotweed was very developed and we have estimated that the plant was over 20 years old! Usually for any excavation of Japanese knotweed we would dig to a depth of 3 metres. Fortunately for this site in Derbyshire, although large. […]

Japanese Knotweed, Back For Spring

SPOT IT EARLY! Spring is the easiest and most affordable time of the year to treat Japanese knotweed. It is crucial that you know what signs to look out for to save you money. If they haven’t already, Japanese knotweed stems will soon begin sprouting, after lying dormant through the winter. Unfortunately, due to changing temperatures. Not only are we […]