Japanese Knotweed Removal

Removal of Japanese Knotweed in Southam

Removal of Japanese Knotweed in Southam

Removal of Japanese Knotweed in Great MalvernJapanese Knotweed is a common invasive weed that is found throughout the UK, therefore removal of Japanese Knotweed in Southam is necessary.

Many of you may be wondering what is Japanese Knotweed? It is an invasive weed, which is fast growing and can spread at a rate of 1.2 metres per month. Its effects are not limited to the foliage above ground, but also to the root systems underground. Its extensive roots, which are known as rhizomes, can grow out from the original standby several metres. These roots are strong and can break through paving, tarmac, foundations and walls. Therefore, the removal of Japanese Knotweed is highly recommended.

Japanese Knotweed is deceiving in its appearance. To look at it is very pleasing to the eye. It has large heart-shaped leaves and red stems. In late summer it has a lovely small white flower. Because of its attractive nature, it is also very attractive to insects. To learn more about how to identify Japanese Knotweed, click here.

As mentioned above it grows rapidly and is very invasive, so don’t be deceived by its appearance!

It is important to carry out the removal of Japanese Knotweed in Southam, as soon as Japanese Knotweed has been identified. There are many laws and legislation’s surrounding Japanese Knotweed, therefore we highly recommend that you call in the expert to deal with your outbreak. For example, if you dispose of Japanese knotweed in your household or green waste bin you could have a fine and even a prison sentence!

The Japanese Knotweed Expert

As the Japanese Knotweed Expert, we ensure that we are up to date with all the laws surrounding Japanese knotweed. We also ensure that our surveys and management plan reports are in line with the PCA and RICs guidelines. This ensures that you have the most effective treatment course is carried out.

To arrange your site survey for the removal of Japanese Knotweed in Southam, contact us today!