Japanese Knotweed vs Property

Japanese Knotweed vs Property…

Property Damage

Landlords are being advised to familiarise themselves with the dangers of the troublesome weed. Japanese Knotweed affects around 5% of all properties in the UK. It has the potential to cause structural damage to buildings and walls. This means around 1,250,000 properties are currently affected by Japanese Knotweed!

Japanese Knotweed is estimated to be responsible for £170m worth of property repairs every year. The plant is that harmful it can cause damage to concrete, tarmac and even river banks. Its roots can grow up to three metres in depth and by seven metres in direction. The is no 6-mile stretch exempt from the weed. If you own a property, whether it be residential or commercial, it is worth having a site survey just to ensure that your property is safe from possible damage.

Spotting the Weed

Initial signs that Japanese Knotweed could be present in your garden will take the form of red and purple shoots, often shooting up in the spring. These are accompanied by rolled back leaves, which often spread and grow at a quick pace, up to 10cm a day in the summer. In the winter, the weed does not die, it remains dormant and has brown stems which are hollow. To see more examples of the notorious weed click here.