Japanese Knotweed Removal

Japanese Knotweed Removal in Atherstone

Japanese Knotweed Removal in Atherstone

Japanese Knotweed in Atherstone, is becoming an ever increasing problem. It is also said that only around 50% of homeowners know that they are legally responsible for preventing Japanese Knotweed spreading from their property, and just around one in five are aware that they could receive an ASBO for this. For one property vender in Atherstone, the legal system surrounding Japanese Knotweed all came to light.

Japanese Knotweed AtherstoneWhen selling a house, reports are carried out to determine the quality of the property. One of these reports carried out will determine whether you have Japanese Knotweed present. For this vender in Atherstone, it was not only found that Japanese Knotweed was present at the property, but it was also shown that the knotweed had spread onto the neighbouring land. This meant that the vendor was obliged to have the knotweed treated, or run the risk of the neighbour taking legal action.

This is where Japanese Knotweed Expert was able to step in and assist with the Japanese Knotweed removal in Atherstone for this particular property vender. We are able to carry out a site survey of the site to locate all Japanese Knotweed outbreak, create a management plan to deal with the Japanese Knotweed and provide the treatment and removal of it.

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If you fear you need help with Japanese Knotweed removal in Atherstone and if you would like to avoid legal action being taken against you, or if you wish to have a survey and management plan carried out to make your house salable again. Call Japanese Knotweed Expert on 0800 1337 444 and receive the right treatment to be rid of the Japanese Knotweed once and for all.

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