Japanese Knotweed Removal in Brierley Hill

Japanese Knotweed Removal in Brierley Hill

Japanese Knotweed Removal in Brierley Hill

Do you require Japanese Knotweed removal in Brierley Hill? Then look no further, we are the company for you!Japanese Knotweed Removal in Brierley Hill

With over 18 years’ experience, experienced team members, PCA qualified surveyor and the necessary qualifications, we can handle your Japanese Knotweed outbreak.

Japanese Knotweed was brought over to the UK by the Victorians. They imported it dues to its ornamental nature. It has lovely heart shaped leaves and small white flowers, which make a great addition for any garden. Its resilient nature also made it ideal for planting on railway embankments. However, it may have these positive attributes, but Japanese Knotweed is highly invasive and damaging outsides it natural habitat.

In Japan, where it is native to, Japanese Knotweed have insects that prey on it on inhibit the spread of it. However, these are not present in the UK so other methods to eradicate it are required. Some insects have been successfully released into the UK, but they cannot control the large outbreak that has occurred!

Therefore, manmade methods of treatment and removal are required. These methods include; excavation and removal, herbicide treatment, permanent burial and more. Click here to learn more about the treatment methods available.

With the right treatment for your site, our experienced and qualified team Japanese Knotweed removal in Brierley Hill has never been easier!

Our site survey and management plan meet the RICs and PCA standards. These documents are also recognised by mortgage companies. Another protection that mortgage companies look for is a 10-year insurance backed guarantee, which we offer with all management plants.

So, if you require professional assistance for carry out Japanese Knotweed Removal in Brierley Hill, contact us today on 0800 1337 444. Our friendly, experienced team will be happy to answer your questions and book you in for your site survey.