Japanese Knotweed Removal

Eradication of Japanese Knotweed in Madeley

Eradication of Japanese Knotweed in MadeleyEradication of Japanese Knotweed in Madeley - Japanese knotweed in Flower

Eradication of Japanese Knotweed in Madeley is essential work to ensure that it is controlled and removed. This ensures that it does not continue to spread and cause damage throughout Madeley.

Japanese Knotweed was brought to the UK from East Asia as an ornamental plant. However, this ornamental plant is very invasive and spreads rapidly causing damage to drains, walls and foundations.

It’s lovely heart shaped leaves and small white flowers in late summer, make this plants appearance deceiving. Meaning if you have Japanese Knotweed it is imperative that you carry out eradication of Japanese Knotweed in Madeley.

Do not try DIY Japanese Knotweed, as this can further the spread of the knotweed and cause further repercussions. It can cause damage to your property as well as your neighbours. If it is also allowed to spread onto your neighbour’s land, you will be at risk of legal action as it is illegal to allow it to spread and grow on another property.

Therefore, we would recommend that you contact us today! As a Japanese Knotweed expert, we follow the PCA and RICs guidelines, ensuring we are up to date with all changes in legislations. This ensures that we safely and effectively carry out the eradication of Japanese Knotweed in Madeley, throughout Shropshire and the rest of the UK.

We carry out a site survey and management plan, which are both to the PCA and RICs standards. These will indicate where the Japanese Knotweed is and the effect it has had on your land. The Management plan will then outline the control method that will be used as well as a schedule of works and costs involved.

Contact us today to learn more about the eradication services we can offer. Our experienced and knowledgeable office team can offer advice and arrange for you to have a site survey to ensure that eradication of Japanese Knotweed in Madeley is completed immediately.