Japanese Knotweed in Summer

Summer is finally here, and the sun has started to shine – bliss! You will have noticed that your gardens are flourishing due to the warm weather – but how do you know if you have Japanese Knotweed growing on your property? Summer is probably one of the easiest times to spot Knotweed. In the early spring you would have seen […]

A Japanese Knotweed Solution for your Outbreak!

Do you need help finding a Japanese Knotweed solution for your site? As a leading Japanese Knotweed Expert in the UK we have the necessary knowledge, experience and qualifications to find the best Japanese Knotweed solution for your site. We have come across many Japanese Knotweed outbreaks, some were simple to treat and eradicate. However, others were more complex, but […]

Introducing Our HR and Compliance Advisor

Introducing our HR and Compliance Advisor We would like to introduce Marianne Gibson our newest team member at Japanese Knotweed Expert Ltd. Marianne has joined our team as our HR and Compliance Advisor.  For the past 14 years Marianne has working in retail in a HR capacity. Within this role it was also highly customer service based. She will be […]