Japanese Knotweed Removal

Japanese Knotweed Removal in Bolsover

Japanese Knotweed Removal in Bolsover

Japanese Knotweed Removal in BolsoverThe council of a small city called Bolsover in 2017 called us up and asked us to carry out Japanese Knotweed removal in Bolsover. We assessed their situation and saw that they needed a site survey and management plan. We got out to them within 24 hours to ensure they got the result they needed.

When we got there, we saw what they meant, Japanese Knotweed had grown 5 metres tall and was out of control! They told us to do what ever was required to get rid of this invasive plant, as the Japanese Knotweed was ruining structural foundations.

Our management plan includes a breakdown of costs involved for the remedial works, risk assessment, a detailed breakdown of the course of treatment we take and our 10-year guarantee, to ensure you have a comprehensive idea of any details going ahead. Once any site is free from Japanese Knotweed we carry out periodic site inspections over the course of 2 years, from the time of complete eradication. This ensures that no re-growth occurs.

If you think or know you require Japanese Knotweed removal in Bolsover, then please give us a call on our free phone 0800 1337 444 or email us on info@japaneseknotweedexpert.co.uk .