Bee on Japanese Knotweed Flower

Why is Japanese Knotweed such a problem?

Why is Japanese Knotweed such a problem?


Japanese Knotweed is a bamboo-like plant with hollow stems and green heart-shaped leaves. It grows rapidly and can grow up to 10m a day in the height of the growing season. Its roots and rhizomes can grow up to 7m radius and 3m depth and if it is found near any habitable space, it can undermine the structural integrity of the building.


As Japanese Knotweed has no natural predators in the UK, it is very hard to maintain and requires methods such as herbicidal treatment and excavation to remove the threat that the plant imposes to a property. If the plant is not maintained and as a result encroaches onto a neighboring property, the neighbouring property can sue on private nuisance grounds.


If you are planning to sell your property with Japanese Knotweed present, this can cause many complications. Most mortgage lenders refuse to offer mortgages for properties affected by Japanese Knotweed making it very hard to sell and in some cases the presence of Knotweed has reduced the market value of properties by many thousands of pounds. However, if you have a Treatment plan in place that is conducted by a PCA accredited company which offers a 10-year insurance guarantee, mortgage lenders will provide a mortgage with the assurance that the weed is under control.


All of the above can be avoided if the problem is caught early if a management plan is put in place as soon as possible and the weed is treated by a licensed professional such as ourselves.

If you have a plant growing on your property which you suspect as Japanese Knotweed but are not entirely sure send a photo to ourselves at for a free identification service.