Site Management

Site Management

Our surveyors have over 18 years’ worth of experience eradicating Japanese knotweed.

The Site Management service (also known as a Clerk of Works) provides clients with the option of carrying out an excavation of Japanese knotweed with their own machinery and labour resources. By providing site supervision and guidance throughout the execution of the works, we can ensure the removal of Japanese knotweed is in accordance with the Property Care Association (PCA) Code of Practice.

This is an ideal option for keeping costs down whilst still removing the Japanese knotweed from the site quickly in order to allow for development and other works on the land.



We can provide certain materials such as root barrier membrane or sand if requested. This will need to be agreed at the start of the arrangement to prevent possible delays and extra costs.


Our Guarantee

Upon completion of the execution of the works, we will provide our 10-year company guarantee. Due to the invasive nature of Japanese knotweed, it is impossible to verify with 100% certainty that no viable rhizome remains and hence no regrowth will occur. However, in the unlikely event of regrowth, we guarantee to attend and treat as necessary any emerging Japanese knotweed covered under this guarantee at no further cost.






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