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Think you know everything about Japanese Knotweed?

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When we talk about Japanese Knotweed, we often reference the detrimental effects it can have on the property, especially depreciation in value.

Beyond that, Japanese Knotweed has a significant impact on our environment. This is another reason why we are so passionate about eradicating it.

Natural Habitat:

In its Japanese habitat, the growth of Knotweed is limited due to various environmental factors. For example, it grows on active volcanos and is regularly smothered by volcanic ash and landslides. Pests, fungi and diseases also attack the weed, keeping it under control and limiting its invasive potential.

UK Habitat:

Close up of Japanese Knotweed

In the UK, conditions are far more favourable for Japanese knotweed. This allows the plant to run amok and wreak havoc on our landscape. Due to it’s rapid growth, Japanese knotweed spreads like wildfire and can displace native vegetation, impact the diversity of insects in the local¬† area and increase the risk of flooding due to soil erosion. Around water, the weed can damage river-banks and cause blockages within infrastructures such as sluices and drains.

It is because of these reasons that it is so important that we, in the United Kingdom, addressed this issue as soon as it is discovered. Not only could it leave you out of pocket, but it could also overrun your property, smothering wildlife, leaving you at risk!

It is important that we are able to notice the signs throughout all of the life stages no matter the season. Increasing the general knowledge will help to increase detection all year round and not just in the summer where the plant can spread by 10cm everyday. If you believe that you may have Japanese Knotweed on your property please see our gallery for further images. Alternatively, email our team at send us a picture and we will get back to you with an identification within the day.

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