Japanese Knotweed Horror Stories

Japanese Knotweed Horror Stories


Heard the horror stories regarding Japanese Knotweed? Then you must read this article…


Every day we take frenzied phone calls from individuals who have recently been made aware of Japanese Knotweed growing within their property once they have come to sell it. Almost every conversation starts with the fact that they have researched online and seen that it can plummet their house value to £0 and neighbouring properties can sue for every last penny owned should it spread to their land.


Although these points are true, there is a simple solution that will avoid these devastating outcomes: a site survey and management plan!


Due to the invasive nature of the weed, time really is of the essence. As soon as you are aware of the plant growing on your property, instruct a licenced professional to conduct a survey and produce the most effective management plan. Please also note that this company must be PCA accredited and offer insurance backed guarantees to meet the criteria required to be accepted by a mortgage company.

Once you have obtained your site survey and management plan document, implement the management plan immediately. This way, the weed can start to be treated as soon as possible, eliminating any further threat that it may have towards the property.


If you have all the above in place, mortgage companies will lend towards the property and it can be sold. As you have also taken the appropriate steps to manage the weed, neighbouring properties will have no means to pursue any legal action.


If you have Japanese Knotweed growing on your property and require further advice or a site survey, please contact us on 01782 479444 or alternatively you can send an email to info@japaneseknotweedexpert.co.uk.