Japanese Knotweed Removal

Japanese Knotweed Eradication in St Johns

Japanese Knotweed Eradication in St Johns

Japanese Knotweed Eradication in St Johns

Do you require Japanese Knotweed eradication in St Johns? Contact us, the Japanese Knotweed Expert today on 0800 1337 444. We are experienced and qualified to deal with Japanese Knotweed and other invasive weed outbreaks.

Our PCA qualified surveyor can survey your site, identifying where the Japanese Knotweed is. Depending on your requirements and the sites specifications will depend on the treatment option that is used. There are several treatment options for Japanese Knotweed eradication, these include:

  • Herbicide Treatment – A systemic translocating herbicide is used, this can either be injected or sprayed on the Japanese Knotweed outbreak. Sometimes a combination of both injection and spraying is used. This is the least costly and most common method of treatment.
  • Excavation and removal – The Japanese Knotweed is excavated from site, ensuring that the area/s are dug down deep enough to fully remove the roots. It is then safely removed from site to a licenced waste site. This method is quite costly, however it often used when building work is being completed on site and fast and effective removal is required.
  • Permanent Burial – This method is also commonly used when there are time constraints, however the dumping costs are not involved. The Japanese Knotweed infested area is excavated with the soil being sifted removing the main stands. The excavated area is then lined with a root barrier membrane and the contaminated soil is then placed in this root barrier, ensuing it is fully encapsulated.
  • Combined Treatment Methods – As the name may suggest is a combination of various methods to ensure eradication of the Japanese Knotweed.

Japanese Knotweed eradication in St Johns and throughout the Worcestershire area is common. With many years’ experience, the qualifications and knowledge to deal with Japanese Knotweed we are the company for you!

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