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Getting Rid of Japanese Knotweed in Oswestry

Japanese Knotweed Removal
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Getting Rid of Japanese Knotweed in Oswestry

Getting Rid of Japanese Knotweed in OswestryWhat is Japanese knotweed? Is getting rid of Japanese Knotweed in Oswestry possible? These are just some of the questions our clients initially ask us. To learn more about our frequently asked questions please click here.

Japanese Knotweed is an invasive weed that grows rapidly during the growing season. Although it is an invasive weed, it is quite attractive to the eye. With its heart shaped leaves and small white flowers in later summer, it can be appealing and attract insects to your garden. However, don’t be deceived, as once it starts to grow it can grow up to 1.2 metres per month, during the growing season.

There are many laws and legislations surrounding Japanese Knotweed, therefore we would not recommend DIY removal. As if you cause Japanese Knotweed to grow or spread, you could be liable for a fine or even a prison sentence. If you allow Japanese Knotweed to spread on your neighbour’s land, then you may be liable for legal actions.

Therefore, getting rid of Japanese knotweed in Oswestry is essential, to ensure that none of the above occurs. If you notice Japanese Knotweed growing on your land, contact us immediately! We will be able to arrange for a site survey and management plan to be completed. Ensuring the efficient removal of Japanese Knotweed is completed.

Are you unsure if you have Japanese Knotweed growing on your land? Then send us an image of the suspected Japanese Knotweed for free, we will be able to inform you whether you have Japanese knotweed or not.

If you require the Japanese Knotweed expert to help getting rid of Japanese knotweed in Oswestry, contact us today on 0800 1337 444. Alternatively, send us a message or image of your suspected Japanese Knotweed via our online contact form.