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Eradication of Japanese Knotweed in Clay Cross

Japanese Knotweed Removal
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Eradication of Japanese knotweed in Clay Cross

Eradication of Japanese Knotweed in Clay Cross was required as the surveyor identified the Japanese knotweed at this property. The client needed us to eradicate it as soon as possible as they were selling the house.

Eradication of Japanese Knotweed in Clay CrossFollowing the site survey we carried out, it was recommended that a management plan be completed. The site survey outlined where the Japanese Knotweed outbreak was, if any damage had occurred due to its presence and the risks involved. However, by carrying out the management plan we were able to detail the best method for the eradication of Japanese Knotweed in Clay Cross.  Based on our findings we recommended that the Japanese Knotweed be treated by spraying and injection of herbicides. 

The client paid up front for the plan to be implemented as it was a three year process. This meant that we could issue a 10 year guarantee and the sale of the property with Japanese knotweed in Clay Cross could go through successfully.

We are 18 months through the process and the Japanese knotweed responded really well to the treatments in the summer of 2017 and we are expecting little or no growth this year. We will continue to come out to the site until there has been a full two years of no growth. With the 10 year insurance backed guarantee the new owners are confident that there will be no problems in the future, which is great.

If you require some advice or require eradication of Japanese knotweed in Clay Cross, then please contact us for some professional unbiased advice.