Japanese Knotweed Removal

Eradicating Japanese Knotweed in Much Wenlock

Eradicating Japanese Knotweed in Much Wenlock

Eradicating Japanese Knotweed in Much WenlockWhen eradicating Japanese Knotweed in Much Wenlock it is essential that you meet the PCA and RICs standards. It is also important to have the necessary qualifications  to treat the knotweed. Here at Japanese Knotweed Expert we have the necessary qualifications, knowledge, and experience. Our PCA qualified surveyor ensures that the necessary documentation and effective treatment is carried out.

Japanese Knotweed was introduced into the UK by the Victorians and was widely used along railway embankments. This was due to its resilient nature and the fact that it was known to grow on the sides of volcanos in its native environment. However, it is highly invasive, as it does not have its natural predators in Britain, to control the spread.

Over the past few years insects that control the Japanese Knotweed have been safely released into the UK. However, these can only control a portion of the Japanese Knotweed. This is where we can help in eradicating Japanese Knotweed in Much Wenlock. We can use other effective methods to eradicate this invasive plant.

These methods include herbicide treatment and excavation and removal. We often find that herbicide treatment is the most common method to be used. Herbicide treatment involves spraying or injection a systemic translocating herbicide into or onto the knotweed. Using this approach enables the top foliage and the roots of the Japanese knotweed to be killed off.

Excavation and removal is often used when there are some necessary time constraints on the site. This may be due to planned building work. This method can be costly; however, it can mean that the Japanese Knotweed is quickly removed from site. Ensuring the least amount of delay for the planned works.

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