Buying A House With Japanese Knotweed

Is the house you’re looking to buy contaminated by Japanese knotweed? The Environment Agency describes Japanese knotweed as “indisputably the UK’s most aggressive, destructive and invasive plant.” Which is why it is so important for you to understand your legal rights and responsibilities. As well as to understand your options prior to buying a property infected by Japanese knotweed.  Knotweed […]

Are You Eligible To Make A Claim?

What Is Your Legal Responsibility? Have you found Japanese knotweed on your property? Not sure if you are able to make a claim? Who is legally responsible?  Making a claim will depend on your personal situation and can vary from situation to situation. Have you recently purchased a property that has Japanese knotweed that was not included in the surveyor’s […]

Japanese Knotweed and the TA6 Form

The TA6 Form: The TA6 form (property information form,) is a report that is completed by the seller with information regarding the property that is given to the buyer. Not completing this form truthfully or correctly can result in legal consequences. When it comes to Japanese knotweed the TA6 form is now more important than ever. What Does This Mean […]

Meet Our Client Manager!

Lara Simpson – Japanese Knotweed Client Manager We are proud to introduce our Japanese Knotweed Expert Client Manager, Lara. As client manager Lara deals with the majority of the clients, assisting with advice, scheduling site visits, booking treatments and writing management plans. Lara also deals with the operational side of the business, writing reposts and legal documents such as P35’s. […]

UK Law & Japanese Knotweed

The legal side of Japanese knotweed & What the UK law says about it! It almost seems ridiculous talking about a weed, in relation to fines and prison sentences! Yet the damage Japanese knotweed can cause, and the financial costs are so significant. That there are several pieces of legislation dedicated to this pernicious weed. Why do we need laws […]

Selling a house with Japanese knotweed.

Trying to sell your house can be complicated and stressful. But what if your surveyor concludes that Japanese knotweed is growing in your garden? You are then faced with a whole world of problems that you probably hadn’t anticipated; the biggest being that potential buyers may argue your house has depreciated in value because of the growth, meaning you could […]

Japanese Knotweed, Back For Spring

SPOT IT EARLY! Spring is the easiest and most affordable time of the year to treat Japanese knotweed. It is crucial that you know what signs to look out for to save you money. If they haven’t already, Japanese knotweed stems will soon begin sprouting, after lying dormant through the winter. Unfortunately, due to changing temperatures. Not only are we […]

Law Society Guidelines for Property sellers on Japanese Knotweed

Law Society Guidelines for Property sellers on Japanese Knotweed Japanese knotweed devalues homeowners’ most valuable asset by an average of 10% in the UK. With 1 in 20 properties affected by this invasive weed, it has become a major issue! Currently, when selling a property, you are required to fill out a TA6 form. Previously the guidance regarding the completion […]

5% of houses in the UK are affected by Japanese knotweed

5% of houses in the UK are affected by Japanese knotweed   This figure has jumped up hugely in recent years – with the exponential growth of Japanese knotweed (JK) this means 1 house in 20 could be reduced in value by up to £100,000! The number of sites effected by Japanese knotweed in the UK. At one of the […]

Japanese Knotweed Horror Stories

  Heard the horror stories regarding Japanese Knotweed? Then you must read this article…   Every day we take frenzied phone calls from individuals who have recently been made aware of Japanese Knotweed growing within their property once they have come to sell it. Almost every conversation starts with the fact that they have researched online and seen that it […]