Property Surveyor Reports & Japanese Knotweed

Property surveyors will likely encounter Japanese knotweed on a semi-regular basis. Experts say that there is at least one stand of Japanese knotweed in every 6-mile square area within the United Kingdom. Here are some tips that property surveyors (plus anyone looking to buy or sell a house) should follow: Check that the plant in question is knotweed – as […]

Japanese Knotweed Hits Stoke-on-Trent

Japanese knotweed is an invasive weed which can cause damage to your property and can reduce the value of your home, significantly. Under the 2014 Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act, local forces can issue a PCN, informing the landowner to act and fining them if they do not. So why does this apply to Stoke on Trent? The Environment […]

Bamboo: Invasive or Decorative?

Bamboo is a plant that immediately makes you think or somewhere exotic in the far east – the plant has been used in many themed gardens over the years and is still used today as a decorative plant. However, due to the way bamboo grows, it can quickly overrun a small garden – is it invasive, or is it a […]

Is this Japanese Knotweed?

There are many plants which can appear like Japanese knotweed. Japanese knotweed is one of the most misidentified plants, which can lead to costly errors for homeowners or mortgage advisors further down the line. While we would recommend getting a certified surveyor to your property to examine any suspected Japanese knotweed growth, but here are a couple of signs that […]

The Best Time To Treat Japanese Knotweed

Japanese knotweed is similar to any other weed – it is best treated in the spring and summer, when the rain is less likely to wash away any herbicide-based treatment. Excavation can be carried out year-round, if the location of the weed has been established. The treatment protocol we follow here at Japanese Knotweed Expert is detailed below. May – […]

Will My Surveyor Check For Japanese Knotweed?

A surveyor will check for any problems in the house but will they check the garden? Will my surveyor check for Japanese knotweed? Certified Surveyors At different stages in your property’s development, you may have different surveyors visit your property. Japanese knotweed should be identified by a trained surveyor who has completed specialist training, such as the CSJK (Certificated Surveyor […]

The Continuing Spread of Japanese Knotweed

Japanese knotweed was initially indigenous to Japan, China and Korea – it has now spread worldwide, and it is listed by the World Conservation Union as one of the world’s worst invasive species. Read on below for how this weed left Japan and spread worldwide! Europe Japanese knotweed was bought to Europe by the physician and botanist, Phillipp Franz Balthasar […]

Buying A House With Japanese Knotweed

Is the house you’re looking to buy contaminated by Japanese knotweed? The Environment Agency describes Japanese knotweed as “indisputably the UK’s most aggressive, destructive and invasive plant.” This is why it is so important for you to understand your legal rights and responsibilities. You also need to understand your options prior to buying a property infected by Japanese knotweed.  Knotweed […]

Are You Eligible To Make A Claim?

What Is Your Legal Responsibility? Have you found Japanese knotweed on your property? Not sure if you are able to make a claim? Who is legally responsible?  Making a claim will depend on your personal situation and can vary from situation to situation. Have you recently purchased a property that has Japanese knotweed that was not included in the surveyor’s […]

Japanese Knotweed and the TA6 Form

The TA6 Form: The TA6 form (property information form,) is a report that is completed by the seller with information regarding the property that is given to the buyer. Not completing this form truthfully or correctly can result in legal consequences. When it comes to Japanese knotweed the TA6 form is now more important than ever. What Does This Mean […]