Japanese Knotweed Removal

Japanese Knotweed Removal in Northumberland

Japanese Knotweed Removal in Northumberland

 Japanese Knotweed removal in Northumberland - Red BranchesJapanese Knotweed is often underestimated, due to its beautiful red shoots and heart shaped leaves. Although the plant is very attractive, it can cause a large amount of damage, costing the UK around £166 million per year, for treatment and home devaluations. Therefore Japanese Knotweed removal in Northumberland or throughout the UK it vitally important, to ensure this invasive weed does not spread.

This powerful and invasive weed could even grow through concrete and tarmac, destroying people’s properties. Therefore, Japanese Knotweed should not be taken lightly as the weed is very dangerous to the value of properties.

The weed could go undetected for years, spreading its roots underground, slowly damaging your property. Therefore it would not be wise to try and DIY remove your Japanese Knotweed, as the problem might seem small, but end up being a large problematic weed, as it can spread up to 3m in depth and 7m in all directions.

We have been dealing with the invasive weed known as, Japanese Knotweed for over 20 years. We consider our experience and knowledge invaluable to making a judgement on the best way of dealing with your Japanese Knotweed removal in Northumberland.

So if you have this invasive weed problem and need Japanese Knotweed removal in Northumberland, no matter how small the problem might seem, or even if you can’t be sure that it is Japanese Knotweed, don’t be afraid to contact us as soon as possible.