Japanese Knotweed Removal

Getting Rid of Japanese Knotweed in Heanor

Getting Rid of Japanese Knotweed in Heanor

This was a private garden in Heanor where a surveyor had successfully identified  Japanese Knotweed, thankfully it was only a small plant. How can we help in getting rid of Japanese Knotweed in Heanor?

Getting Rid of Japanese Knotweed in HeanorQuite often we find that animals such as foxes and badgers will bring some of the rhizome (root) into a garden. Then as they scratch around in the flowerbeds the small piece of rhizome is deposited in to the bed where it soon establishes and grows in to a plant.

In this small town of Heanor the client was well aware of badgers that regularly past through his garden. We were sure that they had brought the Japanese knotweed in on their claws. The plant itself was quite small only being about 0.6m tall and the client was positive it had not been there last year.

After careful examination, we decided that getting rid of the Japanese knotweed in Heanor, was required by digging it out. We were able to dig out the Japanese knotweed by carefully tracing the roots back. In this case they were very shallow only being 0.5 metres deep. We then disposed of the Japanese knotweed in a legally compliant manner.

We had to monitor the garden in Heanor for a further two years to ensure no more Japanese knotweed grew back. We also recommended the client to reinforce his fencing so no further infestations could be brought in by the uninvited guests.

If you have a garden and require advice or help getting rid of Japanese Knotweed in Heanor. Please give us a ring and we will be happy to help. Our knowledgeable and qualified  team will be happy to give your advice or to arrange a site survey.