Japanese Knotweed Removal in Redditch

Japanese Knotweed Removal in Redditch

Japanese Knotweed Removal in Redditch

Do you have Japanese Knotweed growing on your land? Then you will require Japanese Knotweed removal in Redditch!

Japanese Knotweed Removal in RedditchMany cases of Japanese Knotweed outbreaks are heard of throughout the UK every year. As an invasive weed it can cause problems for any homeowner.

It is known for its invasive nature and fast growth. It can grow up to 3 to 4 metres during the summer. However, it will die back during the winter, when many people think their problem has gone and cut down the stands! Come the next spring they are back with the same problem. As Japanese Knotweed requires specific treatment to ensure the safe and effective removal of it.

A piece of rhizome the size of a fingernail can cause Japanese Knotweed to spread causing new growth. This is especially common when large amounts of soil are being moved either on the same site or to a new site, causing new outbreaks.

We often have commercial clients contacting us about Japanese Knotweed, during construction work. In many cases they require the Japanese Knotweed to be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

It is therefore common for us to use the treatment method of excavation and removal. Although it can be costly it ensures that Japanese knotweed removal is carried out quickly, ensuring the site is free from contamination and as little delay to the building work being completed.

There are several other methods of treatment that are successful in Japanese knotweed removal in Redditch, these include:

  • Herbicide Treatment
  • Permanent Burial
  • Combined Treatments

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