Japanese Knotweed Removal

Japanese Knotweed Eradication in Newport

Japanese Knotweed Eradication in Newport

When it comes to Japanese Knotweed eradication in Newport, we are the company for you! Japanese Knotweed is prolific and spreads rapidly, causing damage as it grows.

Japanese Knotweed Eradication in Newport - Japanese knotweed growing through a pathJapanese Knotweed can grow up to 3 metres in one growing season, meaning it can take over your garden, hindering the growth of your other plants. It can also damage foundations, wall and drains. Therefore, if you have Japanese Knotweed, it is important to carry out Japanese Knotweed eradication in Newport.

This invasive weed is very resistant and difficult to remove. In its natural habitat, in East Asia, it is known to grow on the sides of volcanoes. Meaning Japanese knotweed can easily spread, and new growth can occur. A piece of the rhizome this size of a fingernail can cause new growth. If it is growing by a water source then pieces of the rhizome can be transferred by the water, causing new growth further downstream.

However, Japanese knotweed eradication in Newport is possible! Japanese Knotweed Expert is here to help! We can carry out a site survey and management plan to assess the Japanese knotweed outbreak on your land. From these we can assess the spread of the Japanese Knotweed, if it has caused any damage, the risks involved and the best method of treatment.

Treatment and removal of Japanese Knotweed is very important to ensure it does not continue to spread and cause damage. By treating Japanese Knotweed quickly, you can avoid legal action further down the line. Having Japanese Knotweed and allowing it to grow on your land is not illegal, however it is illegal to allow it spread onto a neighbouring property!

Therefore, contact Japanese Knotweed Expert on 0800 1337 444. We can carry out Japanese Knotweed eradication in Newport.