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Getting Rid of Japanese Knotweed in Shirebrook

Japanese Knotweed Removal
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Getting Rid of Japanese Knotweed in Shirebrook

When getting rid of Japanese knotweed in Shirebrook you have to do one of two things, dig it out or treat it with a herbicide. On this project where we had to get rid of Japanese knotweed, the client availed themselves of both methods.

Getting Rid of Japanese Knotweed in Shirebrook

Normally a client will only choose one method of eradication. However they wanted to develop the site quickly so we had to excavate one area where there was Japanese knotweed. We then created a pile of the contaminated waste on a part of the site that was not going to be built on. This did involve us excavating down to 2m deep and moving 185 tons of soil. The soil was then piled up to no more than one metre high. This enabled the Japanese knotweed to then grow.

At this point we then started treating the existing and excavated Japanese knotweed, using the herbicide method, enabling us to get rid of it. The process took three years for us to fully get rid of the Japanese knotweed, we then had the soil used in a part of the site that was to be landscaped. The reason for this is that Japanese knotweed can go into a state of dormancy for up to 20 years. So by us using the soil in one area of the site, if the Japanese knotweed ever starts to grow back, it means it will not cause any damage and we will be able to easily start a course of spraying or injection to kill it off.

Five years on and we are pleased to say that we are successful in fully getting rid of Japanese knotweed in Shirebrook on this particular site.

If you you would like advice or assistance in getting rid of Japanese Knotweed in Shirebrook, or throughout the UK, contact us today! Our experienced team will be able to answer your questions or to arrange for a site survey. Please click here to learn the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Japanese Knotweed.