Removing Japanese Knotweed in Bury Mount

Removing Japanese Knotweed in Bury Mount

Removing Japanese Knotweed in Bury Mount

Removing Japanese Knotweed in Bury Mount

Removing Japanese Knotweed in Bury Mount has never been easier with the help of Japanese Knotweed Expert. We have been successfully removing and eradicating Japanese Knotweed for over 18 years.

Japanese Knotweed is a resilient weed that needs specialised treatment methods to ensure effective removal. There are also laws surrounding Japanese Knotweed which need to be abided by to ensure the spread of Japanese Knotweed is stopped. Specific documentation is also required to detail information about the Japanese Knotweed and the treatment method/s used in removing Japanese Knotweed. These documents are important for any property owner especially when trying to sell, buy or mortgage a property.

Our effective treatment methods have been removing Japanese Knotweed in Bury Mount for years. However, before any treatment process begins a site survey needs to be completed. This gathers all the necessary information about the Japanese Knotweed outbreak. It is then compiled into a site survey and management report, these form the written side of the process.

The management plan includes a 10-year insurance backed guarantee and a 10-year company guarantee. Giving you the peace of mind that your Japanese Knotweed outbreak is being effectively removed. The 10-year insurance backed guarantee is something that mortgage companies will require.

The eradication process then begins using one of the following methods:

  • Herbicide Treatment
  • Excavation and removal
  • Permanent Burial
  • Combined Treatment Methods

To learn more about each of these methods, click here.

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From start to finish our experienced and friendly team will be on hand to answer your questions and offer advice. Our team have a series of NVQs and diplomas including level 1-3 in horticulture. As well as holding these qualifications, we are also a PCA member and have a PCA qualified surveyor. To learn more about our qualifications, click here.

Contact us today! We will be happy to assist in removing Japanese knotweed in Bury Mount and throughout the UK. Ensuring that your property is free from Japanese Knotweed.