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Commercial Japanese Knotweed Removal.

In addition to treating Japanese knotweed on private property, we offer commercial Japanese knotweed removal and treatment services for a range of commercial clients including developers and builders. We understand, when dealing with commercial sites, that time can be a restricting factor that can result in a three-year treatment plan not being viable. Therefore, we offer a range of alternative options for when you need an instant result.

Excavation and Removal

Commercial Japanese Knotweed Removal - Excavation

Involving the full excavation and removal of the Japanese knotweed from site, this is the ideal method for clients that need the Japanese knotweed removed within a short period of time.

More information about this type of commercial Japanese knotweed removal can be found here.



Commercial Japanese Knotweed Removal - Burial

By burying the Japanese knotweed on site, this can be the perfect option if you are looking to both save on costs and allow development to continue quickly.

Find out more about this method of removal here.


Herbicide treatment

Injecting Japanese Knotweed with Herbicide

Although it is not the fastest method of killing Japanese Knotweed, the herbicide treatment is our preferred method of treatment and is a cost effective option for commercial Japanese knotweed removal when there are no time constraints.

Find out more about the herbicide treatment here.


Combined treatments

Commercial Removal of Japanese Knotweed - Combined Treatment MethodsSometimes a site will need more than one method of treatment in order to be most effective so we work closely with you to put together a bespoke combined treatment specific to your site.

Find out more here.




What other measures does Japanese Knotweed Expert put in place?

We know that, when dealing with Japanese knotweed on a development site, there can be many other implications to the site including the risk of further contamination.

In order to make the removal of the weed as stress free as possible, and give you peace of mind, we put a number of steps in place whilst working on site:

  • Production of all relevant risk assessments and details of control measures to mitigate the risks.
  • Erection of temporary fencing to prevent any further contamination of the site.
  • Perform excavations to assess the spread of the Japanese knotweed roots.
  • Placement of signs to warn of the Japanese knotweed and avoid unauthorised access to the area.
  • Prevent any vehicular access to the area to prevent further contamination.
  • Power wash the tyres and body of any vehicle that has access to the restricted area.
  • Provide a “clerk of works” to oversee and control the treatment or removal of the Japanese knotweed.


By putting these measures in place, we can keep the risk of further contamination to a minimum and reduce the impact of the Japanese knotweed removal on your site.


Land Remediation Relief

Land remediation relief is an allowance that provides tax relief to commercial property sectors, including property investors and developers. It can allow you to claim up to 150% tax relief on the cost of the commercial Japanese knotweed removal or treatment. It can also be claimed any time up to three years after the removal. For more information, speak to your accountant who will be able to advise you.


Commercial clients we have worked with…


Part 35 Expert Witness reports – Help with legal cases

As well as working with property developers, Japanese Knotweed Expert work closely with solicitors for any expert evidence and advice they may require. These reports are Part 35 compliant, making them suitable for court cases or mediation purposes. We also work closely with a national solicitor to provide comprehensive advice on the legal implications of Japanese knotweed on your site.




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