What Is Japanese Knotweed?

Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica) is an invasive weed. It can be identified by white flowers in summer, green stems with red and purple flecks and how quickly it grows. New shoots appear in spring and can look similar to asparagus when they first start to grow. What Is Japanese Knotweed? Origin The plant was originally found in Japan and controlled […]

The True Cost of Japanese Knotweed

What Are You Really Paying For? When it comes to the treatment and removal of Japanese knotweed, you can see a lot of large numbers being thrown around. It’s hard to know exactly what you’re looking at, what is it that you’re really paying for? And what cost could you be responsible for if you’re found liable? Most importantly, before […]

Japanese Knotweed Removal

Japanese knotweed affects 1 in 20 houses throughout the UK. If you think you could have Japanese knotweed it is imperative that you act quickly! Contact a professional to provide a free identification, make sure that you have confirmed the presence of Japanese knotweed before paying for a survey or for removal. Once a professional has identified Japanese knotweed on […]

Removal of Japanese Knotweed in Bedworth

Residential Excavation and Management Plan – RICS Risk Category  4 – £2,450.00 This Japanese knotweed stand in Bedworth covers less than 1m², as the invasive stand is situated on adjacent plot of land and is encroaching underground in to the residential property. We have estimated that the stand is less than 5 years old and shows no signs of previous […]

Bamboo: Invasive or Decorative?

Bamboo is a plant that immediately makes you think or somewhere exotic in the far east – the plant has been used in many themed gardens over the years and is still used today as a decorative plant. However, due to the way bamboo grows, it can quickly overrun a small garden – is it invasive, or is it a […]

Everyone Selling A House Needs To Read This…

Are you selling your house? Japanese knotweed effects 1 in 20 properties in the UK. So when you are asked to fill out the Ta6 form version 4 because you are selling your property be very careful about answering the question on Japanese knotweed! Why? I here you ask, because Japanese knotweed on average depreciates a house by 10% that […]

Rental Agreements & Japanese Knotweed

When taking out a rental agreement, the garden or Japanese knotweed can be the last thing on your, or your landlord’s mind. You are excited about the property and moving in, you agree the deposit, sign everything off and then realise that you have a very broad clause in your tenancy agreement, saying that you will take ‘reasonable care’ of […]

Buying A House With Japanese Knotweed

Is the house you’re looking to buy contaminated by Japanese knotweed? The Environment Agency describes Japanese knotweed as “indisputably the UK’s most aggressive, destructive and invasive plant.” This is why it is so important for you to understand your legal rights and responsibilities. You also need to understand your options prior to buying a property infected by Japanese knotweed.  Knotweed […]

Japanese Knotweed and the TA6 Form

The TA6 Form: The TA6 form (property information form,) is a report that is completed by the seller with information regarding the property that is given to the buyer. Not completing this form truthfully or correctly can result in legal consequences. When it comes to Japanese knotweed the TA6 form is now more important than ever. What Does This Mean […]

Meet Our Client Manager!

Lara Simpson – Japanese Knotweed Client Manager We are proud to introduce our Japanese Knotweed Expert Client Manager, Lara. As client manager Lara deals with the majority of the clients, assisting with advice, scheduling site visits, booking treatments and writing management plans. Lara also deals with the operational side of the business, writing reposts and legal documents such as P35’s. […]