UK Law & Japanese Knotweed

The legal side of Japanese knotweed & What the UK law says about it! It almost seems ridiculous talking about a weed, in relation to fines and prison sentences! Yet the damage Japanese knotweed can cause, and the financial costs are so significant. That there are several pieces of legislation dedicated to this pernicious weed. Why do we need laws […]

Japanese Knotweed Damage

Can Japanese Knotweed Damage My Property? Often referred to as the UK’s most destructive weed. Yes, Japanese knotweed can in fact cause serious damage to your property. What Damage Can Japanese Knotweed Cause? Thankfully, Japanese knotweed is not harmful to humans or animals. However, it can cause serious damage to your property and is extremely invasive with a high risk […]

Identifying Japanese Knotweed

Identifying Japanese Knotweed in the Spring? With 1.25 million properties effected by Japanese knotweed in the UK and average devaluations being £23,530 this is a serious problem! The first way to deal with any problem is to be able to identify it. As with many plants, Japanese knotweed looks different at different stages of its growth. There are many plants […]