Japanese Knotweed Growing in Frodsham

Japanese Knotweed Growing in Frodsham

Japanese Knotweed growing in Frodsham

For a number of years Japanese Knotweed growing in Frodsham has become prevalent. What can you do to prevent legal action against you if you have it in your property?Japanese Knotweed growing in Frodsham

We would initially recommend that a site survey is carried out. This would give you the details you need in order to determine what the best course of action for yourself would be and if the invasive plant on you land is Japanese Knotweed. This site survey would give us details such as:

  • Age of stands
  • If the Japanese Knotweed has caused any structural damage
  • RICS assessment
  • Site plan (with root zone)

Depending on what is found on the survey, we would recommend a management plan to be put in place, if Japanese Knotweed is found. This would ensure that you have full details of the course of treatment we would take (depending on your requirements and needs) alongside a full risk assessment. This management plan would also have a full cost breakdown, which will outline any costs involved with you for the treatment. This means we could carry the removal of it to ensure you no longer have Japanese Knotweed growing in Frodsham on you land.

If when we carry out the site survey we find the invasive plant is not Japanese Knotweed, we will also provide official documentation detailing that Japanese knotweed is not present on your land. We would also outline what plant is present, which was thought to be Japanese Knotweed.

If you have issues with Japanese Knotweed growing in Frodsham on your land, give us a call on 0800 1337 444 to arrange for your site survey and management plan now!