Japanese Knotweed Removal

Getting Home Insurance when Japanese Knotweed is Present on your Land

Many clients ask about how they go about getting home insurance when Japanese knotweed is present on their land. Read on to find out more…

Does home insurance cover Japanese Knotweed treatment?

As Japanese knotweed is not illegal to grow on your own premises, insurance policies do not state against this. However, most Home insurance policies do not cover Japanese Knotweed treatment or removal costs.

Do you have to disclose the presence of Japanese Knotweed?

If you are getting home insurance when Japanese Knotweed is present on your land, do you have to disclose the fact that Japanese knotweed is present? No, unless you are asked! If you are asked about Japanese Knotweed being present on your land you must inform the insurance company that it is growing on your premise/s.

In this instance you must be honest and up front, as there may be repercussions in the future if you don’t!

Is damage caused by Japanese knotweed covered by Home Insurance?

If Japanese Knotweed causes structural damage like subsidence, then you may be able to claim successfully. This is, ONLY if you have taken reasonable steps to eradicate this invasive plant. E.G called in an expert to carry out eradication works on the Japanese Knotweed.

However, there is a clause! If you are aware of the presence of this prevalent and invasive plant and you ignore it, then if it causes structural damage you may not be able to claim for this. This is due to that fact that you have not exercised reasonable care to prevent the spread of Japanese knotweed.

What are the effects of Japanese Knotweed on your insurance premiums?

As with any insurance if you make a claim, e.g. for subsidence or other structural damage, you will be expected to pay the excess.

However, you must be aware that if you do make a claim then the following years premium will likely increase. Your subsidence cover may also be affected as you may struggle to get future cover for subsidence. Some insurers may also not offer a quote at all in the future! As you are a high-risk premise.

Getting Home insurance when Japanese Knotweed is present is not impossible!

However, you need to be aware that basic Home Insurance does not cover Japanese knotweed treatment and removal. If you have any further questions about how your home insurance is affected if Japanese knotweed is present, contact us today!

Alternatively, if you know you have Japanese Knotweed growing on the site and require Japanese knotweed removal, contact us today on 0800 1337 444 or complete our online contact form.

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